challenge + inspire

We provide non-executive advisory services for technology companies striving for excellence, combining deep technology sector knowledge with 10+ years leadership experience, underpinned by a proven track record and industry reputation.

Our focus is to provide authentic business insight and ideas gained through real-life experiences and challenges of building a technology business, and to share that knowledge to help others.

Jon Pickering

I am an energetic, authentic and respected business leader offering 20+ years of experience in the telecoms and technology sectors, including 11 years as CEO of an IT start up.

I led Block from its inception and worked closely with my executive team and customers to build it into a mature £25m+ business with an outstanding reputation.

Today I work as a non-executive director and advisor for other ambitious and dynamic IT businesses, contributing my first-hand experience of the many challenges involved in growing and scaling a business. I also invest in new exciting IT start ups.

I have in-depth understanding of all key business functions and am committed to creating the right workplace culture and governance to support responsible, agile and successful business.

I enjoy working with companies and like-minded leaders who are ready to take their success to the next level.

Values & principles

We believe that embedding qualities such as integrity and transparency are crucial for any business in search of excellence, and being open-minded and truthful is the most powerful way to make decisions and develop authentic relationships. Whether acting as advisor, counsel, coach or mentor we believe those qualities are equally important. Our working values and principles are


Be true to your own character


Be willing to consider different opinions and perspectives


Be honest and sincere, and demand it from others


Have passion and inspire people to do great things