finding mr right

Our belief is that while skills and experience are crucial in selecting the right people and partners to work with to help take your business forward, the most powerful way to build a great culture and enable positive results, especially at a leadership level, is to engage in relationships with like-minded people aligned around a core set of shared values of honesty, transparency and open-mindedness.

Jon, is an extremely impressive entrepreneur who has founded and grown an extremely high-tech business. In all the years I have known Jon I have not only recognised him as someone with great talent but also with huge potential. I am delighted to recommend him as not only an excellent leader but I am sure as a talented advisor or director.

Phil Smith, Chairman, Cisco UK and Ireland

Any organisation that is looking for input from a seasoned business leader with actual personal experience of the growing pains of building a substantial company will benefit from an association with Jon. He is the real deal.

Kate Warren, Founder, Brightlife – Executive and Team Coach

I have known Jon over the past 12 years and seen how he built Block into a great company with an excellent reputation in the UK ICT market place. Jon is a leader who can inspire others and encourage people to drive towards the achievement of a common goal. He has an excellent knowledge of the Technology arena and can foresee where the market place is developing. He is creative in his thinking and will work well in a team environment.

Tom Kelly, Chairman

I have known Jon Pickering & worked for & with him since 2007. I have observed at close quarters how he created then built one of the most innovative & successful Cisco Partner businesses to emerge in recent years in the UK – Block Solutions.

John Shannon, Managing Director, Channel Intellect